Dear Professon McKeever,

I have struggled in past English classes before, but in your class I felt more inspiration than I ever could have imagined. When a person wants to write something well, it takes a great deal of passion and inspiration on a subject, to truly reach one’s literally potential. I have been very fortunate to take English 1020 when I did because it’s opened up my mind to new possibilities. I was truly inspired by my research with Carl Jung and it has prompted many life changes for me some of those were inspired by a dream I had to write a novel. Let me elaborate!

One of my favorite Carl Jung quotes is,“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”  He was an extraordinary man who followed his intuition, which lead him to profound methods of psychology. My researches for this course lead me to some interesting results beyond what I could have ever expected. Each of the different essays allowed me to explore various outlets of his work. The Narrative essay helped give me a general understanding of what Carl Jung set to prove and that is   he believed our dreams mean something more to us, and helps us get in touch with our true selves. It’s true! After my research I paid more attention to my dreams, and as a result had more vivid and frequent dreams. One of these was so remarkable that I was inspired to write a novel about it! I have nearly 3 full chapters completed and have done my research for submitting manuscripts in the correct format. I don’t intent to make this my profession, but I have to admit the power of a dream is remarkable in communicating with our subconscious desires! The second essay allowed me to see the impact of his work had on other individuals and what they accomplished because of his life’s works.  And thirdly, the last essay the Review gave me the opportunity to research various other sources of information such as a media source.  This course has given me so much more than a credit towards my degree, it have given my in depth knowledge of an amazing person and allowed me to analyze what my true desires are! I look forward to all my dreams every night now and I plan on continuing my research outside of ENG 1020 and what other treasures it has to offer. So thank you Professor McKeever, for the opportunity to research an amazing person I have truly enjoyed this course.

Thank you

Meghan Robertson



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    August 2013